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Patrimoni group

PATRIMONI Group, formerly Bousquet & Associés, has been active in the Paris real estate market since 1985,
successfully completing more than 150 projects.

by : Guy Bousquet, President
Julien Bousquet, Managing Director

Tel : +33 (0)1 53 83 73 53
E-mail : jb@patrimonigroup.com

Patrimoni Group is an independent real estate development firm that operates principally in Paris and in Ile-de-France. It provides services in four areas: investment, management (property and asset), construction, and renovation.

Patrimoni Group recently expanded its operations to the United States with the creation of PATRIMONI New York LLC. This company primarily operates in New York City, with a focus on high yield development and investment.

Patrimoni Group also is the founder and reference shareholder of  The AMP, a co-working and services platform focused on finance management.

About Julien Bousquet

Julien began his career with the Lowendalmasaï Group, a cost management consulting firm purchased by Groupe Avming (former Alma CG) in 2015. He was an associate partner and member of the Board of Directors from 1994 to 2006. In that context, he participated in LBO’s operations as implemented by Astorg Partners (then AXA PE) regarding the company’s capital and was a member of the Supervisory Board from 2007 to 2013.

Since 2007, Julien has been the managing director and an associate partner of PATRIMONI Group, as well as the founder of PATRIMONI REIM, a company dedicated to managing real estate investment.

He graduated from Université Paris V and ICH (CNAM).





Bousquet & Associes creation by Guy Bousquet for the renovation and transformation of Parisian assets.



Creation of a property management company AB Gestion.



Creation of an investment company PATRIMONI SCA with a capital of 10 M€.



Creation of parent company, PATRIMONI Group, by Guy and Julien Bousquet.



The success encountered by PATRIMONI SCA called for he creation of PATRIMONI II SCA, an investment company with a capital of 8 M€.



Creation of PATRIMONI New York LLC, the US branch dedicated to asset revalorisation in New York and purchase of the first multi-use building to rehabilitate and reposition in the Bronx.



Creation of PATRIMONI Promotion, dedicated to new project development, and PATRIMONI Engineering, in charge of construction management and supervision. Commitment in creating The AMP enterprise, services platform and asset management dedicated coworking.



Closing of the investment company PATRIMONI SCA (equity multiple of 2x and annual IRR of 10%).



Creation of PATRIMONI III, investment company with a capital of 20 M€ dedicated to value-added real-estate projects.