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Patrimoni New-York

Creation and Realisation of Asset Conversion in New York

Pascal PELAT, Project Manager
Tel : +1 646 441 7888
E-mail : pp@patrimonigroup.com

This Manhattan company, a subsidiary of Patrimoni Group, is devoted to planning and realizing conversion and/or revalorisation projects in New York.

The goal of this entity is not only to become a steady operator in all of the New York neighbourhoods in order to seize market opportunities, but also to be able to take advantage of synergies and risk sharing between Paris and New York, two major real estate capitals.

In 2014, Patrimoni New York acquired its first property in the South Bronx, which it sold in 2016 with a significant profit margin. A second investment project, an income-oriented rental property, was purchased in the Bronx in October 2016.

New projects are currently being analysed for a 2017 acquisition.

 Address : 1460 Broadway Suite 7023  New York  NY10036